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Territory To Statehood


Follow the path of the creation of Washington State through maps, pictures and newspaper articles.

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Exploration of the Pacific Northwest

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Follow the trail of American explorers who exlpored the region that became known as Washington State.

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Road to Equality: The Story of Women's Suffrage in Washington


The story of women's suffrage in Washington from territorial days to statehood.  

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Exploring the 1918 Influenza Pandemic with the State Library's Digital Collections


An overview of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic using newspapers articles from that time.


What's In A Place Name?


Have you ever thought about the who or what your school is named after? What about the street you live on? Your favorite park or library?

We’re asked students in Washington to take a look around their neighborhoods and identify a sign or label on a public place with a proper name as part of its title. We then challenged each student, or team of students, to find out more about where that name fits into Washington history and the values of the community.

Winning entries for our 2022 contest are on display. 

The Everett Massacre of 1916


An overview of the Everett Massacre of 1916 using newspapers articles, publications, and images contemporary to this event.